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    The Leichhardt Diaries

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    The first printed English translation of the German explorer and scientist Ludwig Leichhardt’s diaries from 1841-1844.

    During the 30 months covered by the diaries, Leichhardt arrives in Australia as a diligent student from the lower strata of Prussian society without connections, capital or prospects; and by the closing passages he reveals his intentions to mount the first expedition across  the north-eastern quarter of the continent.

    The diaries reveal how Leichhardt navigated his way through Sydney society and then found his confidence as a scientific traveller,  along the way acquiring the array of skills that define a ‘bushman’. The pages illuminate the state of European settlement, the nature of aboriginal culture and the geography of the Australian east coast with detailed observations on the natural world. Amidst the detailed scientific notes are sections that allow an intimate acquaintance with the author.

    The diaries are a valued addition to anyone’s library, bringing to life part of Australia’s rich geographical, botanical and social history. The accompanying appendices are themselves a wonderful addition. The names and places indexes provide an excellent tool for assisting historians and genealogists while the previously unpublished letter from Leichhardt to the Archers in 1844, held by the Queensland Museum Library provides a further glimpse into his life. Also included is an index of the rock and mineral names used by Leichhardt and an aboriginal word list which includes the names of his informants as well.

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    In Search Of Ancient Queensland

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    The search for ancient Queensland is a journey through deep time, revealing its unique landscapes, a fascinating geology and, most importantly, its incomparable fossils.

    This beautifully illustrated book charts the complex evolution of life over the past 250 million years, set against a backdrop of momentous geological events and dramatic environmental change.

    It offers tantalising, but incomplete, glimpses of the primeval environments that have shaped modern Queensland and, in doing so, signposts understanding of our largely unknown future.

    In Search of Ancient Queensland celebrates the remarkable geological and natural heritage of the State and showcases the outstanding fossil collections and research of the Queensland Museum.

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    Wild Guide to Moreton Bay

    $49.95 Inc GST

    The Wild Guide to Moreton Bay highlights more than 1500 species of animals and plants in easy-to-read accounts and stunning photographs. Learn More
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    Rocks and Landscapes of the Sunshine Coast

    $16.95 Inc GST

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    A non-technical guide to the geological history and rocks of the Sunshine Coast and Gympie districts and their influence on landscapes and human activities. It includes the coastal history, geological hazards, landslide problems, and useful rocks and minerals. A major section describes where typical rocks an landscapes can be seen. Learn More
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    Rocks and Landscapes of the Gold Coast Hinterlands

    $16.95 Inc GST

    A book explaining the magnificent landscapes of the Gold Coast and its Hinterland, through the history of their rocks, coastal processes and subsequent erosion. Learn More
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    Rocks and Landscapes of the National Parks of Southern Queensland

    $29.95 Inc GST

    The book that tells you how the parks of Southern Queensland came to be here in the first place. Learn More
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    Rocks and Landscapes of the National Parks of North Queensland

    $29.95 Inc GST

    This book explains how geology has controlled the landscapes in Nation Parks and other reserves from Townsville to Cape York. Learn More
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    Rocks and Landscapes of the National Parks of Central Queensland

    $29.95 Inc GST

    Central Queensland has wonderfully diverse landscapes, from the beautiful Whitsunday Islands, to the dramatic gorges of the Carnarvon Ranges. Each has a interesting story to tell, rooted in ancient events. Learn More
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    Rocks and Landscapes of the Wet Tropics

    $16.95 Inc GST

    This book brings to life the Wet Tropics of far north Queensland. It is the story of a region as complex and fascinating as none other. Learn More
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    Rocks and Landscapes of Brisbane and Ipswich

    $16.95 Inc GST

    A straightforward guide to the rocks and geological history of Brisbane and Ipswich and their surrounds. Learn More
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