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    Galileo Thermometer

    $29.95 Inc GST

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    • 400 year old design
    • Tell the temperature by watching the balls rise and fall
    • Full instructions included in box
    • Hand blown glass (28cm)
    Learn More
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    Glass Prism

    $9.95 Inc GST

    Turn a ray of light into a rainbow and back again using this simple glass prism. Learn More
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    My Mum is a Parasite Scientist. That's RAD!

    $7.95 Inc GST

    This engaging and informative STEM picture book will help children learn about different kinds of parasites and about what it is like to be a parasite scientist. The book includes interesting activities, funny cartoons and pictures of cool and creepy parasites! This is the first book in the That’s RAD Science series. The aim of That’s RAD Science is to inspire in children an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through engaging picture books written by Queensland women working in STEM areas. That’s RAD Science is a Griffith University Initiative. This book was generously supported by an Advance Queensland Engaging Science grant from the Queensland Government and funding from the Australian Society for Parasitology. Learn More
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    Coral Reef Science Kit

    $19.95 Inc GST

    Kids science kit with 4 experiments. Included in the kit: - Instruction Manual & Reef Information - Gloves - 2x Crystal Growing Kits - Wooden Stirrer - 2x Straws - 2x 50ml Graduated Test Tube - Pipette dropper - 2x 100ml Plastic Cups Learn More