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    In Search Of Ancient Queensland

    $39.95 Inc GST

    The search for ancient Queensland is a journey through deep time, revealing its unique landscapes, a fascinating geology and, most importantly, its incomparable fossils.

    This beautifully illustrated book charts the complex evolution of life over the past 250 million years, set against a backdrop of momentous geological events and dramatic environmental change.

    It offers tantalising, but incomplete, glimpses of the primeval environments that have shaped modern Queensland and, in doing so, signposts understanding of our largely unknown future.

    In Search of Ancient Queensland celebrates the remarkable geological and natural heritage of the State and showcases the outstanding fossil collections and research of the Queensland Museum.

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    Wildlife of Greater Brisbane

    $32.95 Inc GST

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    Whether biting ants, brilliantly coloured birds, or tiny marsupial mice, this guide contains every creature you're likely to find while living in Brisbane. Learn More
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    Wild Places of Greater Brisbane

    $32.95 Inc GST

    Described as 'an ideal guide to one of the world's great nature-friendly cities', this guide is your key to the best weekend and holiday destinations in and around Brisbane. Learn More
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    Wild Plants of Greater Brisbane

    $32.95 Inc GST

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    The best nature guide to more than 500 species of Brisbane's most familiar wild plants. 2010 Revised Edition. Learn More
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    Wildlife of Tropical North Queensland

    $32.95 Inc GST

    All the plants and animals of Tropical North Queensland are contained and described in this comprehensive guide. Learn More