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    Behind the Tin Fence

    $25.00 Inc GST

    Behind the Tin Fence -a history of the Ipswich Railway Workshops Learn More
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    One American Too Many

    $29.95 Inc GST

    One American Too Many - Boss Badger and the Brisbane Trams. Learn More
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    Chasing the Sunshine

    $34.95 Inc GST

    Chasing The Sunshine Learn More
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    Wind Up Train Book

    $31.50 Inc GST

    Wind Up Train Book with model train and 3 tracks. A fabulous interactive book from the Usborne Farmyard Series with stories to read, and a little train to play with. Wind up the train and watch it zoom around the tracks. Learn More
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    Salute to the Hudswells

    $35.00 Inc GST

    Salute to the Hudswells, co-authored by Ian Stocks, David Mewes and John Browning, tells the story of the 41 Hudswell Clarke locomotives used on the 2 ft gauge sugar cane railways of the Colonial Sugar Refining Co Ltd in Queensland and Fiji between 1911 and 1976. Details are given of the Hudswells that survive in preservation. It is published by the Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum Society, Queensland. Learn More