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Bird Love

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Bird Love explores the diverse range of family relationships in birds around the world in fascinating detail.

Exploring the sex life of birds and their wide range of mating and parenting habits, Bird Love gives you a detailed insight into bird family life. More than 90 percent of birds appear to be monogamous, but beneath the surface there is a huge variety of mating systems in play, from temporary monogamy and extra pair mating to multiple partners for either sex, with some species switching between these as their circumstances change. Discover the amazing array of courtship techniques employed by birds around the world:

  • male bowerbirds construct extravagant galleries to attract females
  • ospreys bring gifts of food in exchange for sex
  • male skylarks perform simultaneous aerial and vocal acrobatics to impress females
  • the practice of lekking, where males in a species such as grouse gather to display to females, who then complete reproduction solo, from nesting to raising chicks.

The essential insight to bird family life, Bird Love is richly illustrated with stunning colour photographs, and regular Backyard Bird boxes in each chapter showcase familiar species from around the world.

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