Nature Guides and Natural History

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    In Search Of Ancient Queensland

    $39.95 Inc GST

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    The search for ancient Queensland is a journey through deep time, revealing its unique landscapes, a fascinating geology and, most importantly, its incomparable fossils.

    This beautifully illustrated book charts the complex evolution of life over the past 250 million years, set against a backdrop of momentous geological events and dramatic environmental change.

    It offers tantalising, but incomplete, glimpses of the primeval environments that have shaped modern Queensland and, in doing so, signposts understanding of our largely unknown future.

    In Search of Ancient Queensland celebrates the remarkable geological and natural heritage of the State and showcases the outstanding fossil collections and research of the Queensland Museum.

    Learn More
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    Australian Magpie

    $45.00 Inc GST

    Biology and Behaviour of an Unusual Songbird Learn More
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    Raising Butterflies in the Garden

    $34.95 Inc GST

    A guide to rearing butterflies and moths in a butterfly-friendly garden. This exciting title is for butterfly lovers and gardeners who not only want to create a butterfly-friendly garden, but also want to support butterflies and moths in order to maintain healthy populations Learn More
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    Beetles of Brisbane - A photo-guide to common species

    $11.95 Inc GST

    This 16-panel fold-out brochure includes around 100 identifying beetle images and covers 29 families found in Brisbane backyards and south-east Queensland. A handy reference for naturalists, photographers and students of all ages who are interested in determining the family or even the species of beetle they have found or photographed. It includes an introduction to beetles, family descriptions and individual images with species name, length and points of interest. The glossy finish and handy size makes it robust and ideal for use in the field. Learn More
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    Container Succulents

    $24.99 Inc GST

    Container Succulents is the perfect book for container gardening beginners who don't have a lot of space to work with. The beautiful photographs of succulent decor are sure to inspire your inner gardener, interior designer and all-around house plant lover. Learn how to care for and display individual succulent varieties, or get creative with groupings that combine multiple plants with complementary colours, shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer a garden that is simple or intricate, this book covers all the basics of container selection and succulent care to ensure healthy plants. Learn More
  6. Product Image

    The Waterwise Australian Native Garden

    $39.99 Inc GST

    There's never been a more crucial time to droughtproof your garden and to consider Australian native plants as a key component in your outdoor space. This award-winning practical volume, from two of the country's foremost horticultural experts, offers everything you need to know about designing and growing a garden that promotes careful water use and features Australian native plants in the home garden. Including information on the fundamentals of Australian soils, cultivation techniques, drainage, pruning, fertilising and maintenance, as well as creating a fire-resistant garden, establishing habitats attractive to native fauna and growing your own bush foods. The Waterwise Australian Native Garden is a highly illustrated, comprehensive showcase of the best plants to choose and the best gardens from which to draw inspiration. It's a must-have for garden lovers all over this wide, brown land. Learn More
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    A Guide To Spiders Of Australia

    $49.99 Inc GST

    This definitive guide to the subject, written by experts in the field, offers a window into a fascinating world.

    Notorious species such as the Redback and the Sydney Funnel-web sit alongside less well-known but equally intriguing spiders such as the ant-mimics and the net-casting spiders.

    Learn More
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    Field Guide to the Frogs of Queensland

    $45.00 Inc GST

    Field Guide to the Frogs of Queensland provides a comprehensive photographic guide to the 132 species of frogs in Queensland, Australia's most species-rich state. Species profiles list common and scientific names, as well as information on size, call and preferred habitat for each species. Many species of frogs in Queensland are threatened in some way. For these species, conservation status is given on a state, federal and international level. Learn More
  9. Product Image

    Birds of Prey of Australia Field Guide

    $44.99 Inc GST

    Birds of Prey of Australia will appeal to a wide range of readers, including ornithologists, raptor biologists, birdwatchers, wildlife rescuers/carers, raptor rehabilitators, zookeepers, naturalists, bushwalkers, ecological consultants, fauna authorities, park rangers, state forestry personnel and students. Learn More
  10. Product Image

    A Guide to Crickets of Australia

    $49.99 Inc GST

    Featuring keys, distribution maps, illustrations and detailed colour photographs from CSIRO's Australian National Insect Collection, A Guide to Crickets of Australia allows readers to reliably identify all 92 described genera and many species from the Grylloidea (true crickets) and Gryllotalpoidea (mole crickets and ant crickets) superfamilies. Natural history enthusiasts and professionals will find this an essential guide. Learn More
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