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    In Search Of Ancient Queensland

    $39.95 Inc GST

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    The search for ancient Queensland is a journey through deep time, revealing its unique landscapes, a fascinating geology and, most importantly, its incomparable fossils.

    This beautifully illustrated book charts the complex evolution of life over the past 250 million years, set against a backdrop of momentous geological events and dramatic environmental change.

    It offers tantalising, but incomplete, glimpses of the primeval environments that have shaped modern Queensland and, in doing so, signposts understanding of our largely unknown future.

    In Search of Ancient Queensland celebrates the remarkable geological and natural heritage of the State and showcases the outstanding fossil collections and research of the Queensland Museum.

    Learn More
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    The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds

    $29.99 Inc GST

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    This guide to the identification and classification of all the birds so far recorded in Australia is designed for use in the field, to slip easily into a hip-pocket, backpack, or glovebox. The illustrations have been planned to enable easy comparison between similar species. The text emphasises the best way to differentiate each species, with a key sentence setting out the most helpful characteristics to watch for. In the "Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds", more than 750 species are described and illustrated in 157 superbly painted plates. Learn More
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    The Australian Native Bee Book

    $35.00 Inc GST

    A complete guide to keeping Australian native stingless bees. Learn More
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    Dinosaur Art II

    $59.99 Inc GST

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    Following on from Dinosaur Art, this new volume showcases 10 amazing artists whose work represents the cutting edge of paleoart. Many are rising stars in the field; others have embraced digital technology and continue to assert longstanding reputations as leaders in the discipline. This volume also includes state-of-the-art modelers, allowing the reader to explore restoring prehistoric animals in three, as well as two, dimensions. All accompanied by insights into the cutting of paleontological research and the very latest discoveries, with commentaries by respected scientists at the top of their fields. Learn More
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    Field Guide To The Birds Of Australia - 8Th Edition

    $39.99 Inc GST

    Since it was first published in 1984, Simpson & Day's Field Guide to the Birds of Australia has been one of the most - if not the most - respected bird guide in the country. It has sold over 500 000 copies. The guide contains 132 superb full-colour plates showing all Australian bird species; key points of identification using the latest classification system; distribution maps for all species; over 900 black and white line illustrations; breeding information; a vagrant bird bulletin; a core library list; and easy-to-use indexes. This eighth edition has been revised and updated, including some beautiful new plates. Learn More
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    Tracks, Scats & Other Traces

    $54.95 Inc GST

    Mammals inhabit every corner of our vast continent, yet the great majority of species are seldom seen. The only clue to their presence might be a footprint left on a muddy track, a scat deposited on a rocky ledge, or bones scattered on a forest floor.In Tracks, Scats and Other Traces, Barbara Triggs provides all information needed to identify mammals anywhere in Australia, using only the tracks or other signs they leave behind. Features a new cover design, and covers all Australian states and territories. Learn More
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    A Field Guide to Reptiles of Queensland

    $34.99 Inc GST

    A Field Guide to Reptiles of Queensland covers all of Queensland's 440 named species. Queensland is home to an extraordinary diversity of reptiles. This is because it has so many different types of habitat. A Field Guide to Reptiles of Queensland covers all of Queensland's 440 named species, including 135 that occur nowhere else. Colour photographs make for quick identification, aided by line drawings, keys, distribution maps and descriptions. Learn More
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    Fungi of the Sunshine Coast Field Guide

    $4.95 Inc GST

    This laminated fold-out field guide illustrates some of the variety of fungi that are not typical ‘mushroom’ shapes. Learn More
  9. Product Image

    Mushrooms of the Sunshine Coast Field Guide

    $4.95 Inc GST

    This laminated fold-out field guide illustrates 98 ‘mushrooms’ i.e. fleshy fungi with cap, stem and gills, pores or spines, and some fan-shaped gilled fungi. Learn More
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    Australian Tropical Mushrooms and other Fungi

    $9.95 Inc GST

    A Pocket Field Guide specifically for the Tropical Monsoon region of Australia – “Australian Tropical Mushrooms & Other Fungi”. The pocket guide illustrates 118 species with an introduction to the Fungal Kingdom and its different morphogroups, plus information on substrate, trophic role, size, spore print colour, and toxicity for each species. Learn More
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