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    The Periodic Table: An Infographic Guide to the Elements

    $39.99 Inc GST

    The Periodic Table: An infographic guide to the elements is a fresh new approach to a truly remarkable and instantly recognisable piece of science! Combining cutting edge science with visually fascinating infographics, The Periodic Table allows you to compare and contrast all the different elements at a glance. Which is the densest? Which has the largest atoms? And why are some of them radioactive? Including a big picture view of the periodic table and how atoms work, this book also offers a fact-filled visual guide to each element, from hydrogen to oganesson. Each one is accompanied by technical date (category, atomic number, weight, boiling point) as well as fun facts and stories about their discovery and surprising uses. Learn More
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    30-Second Einstein

    $19.99 Inc GST

    Spend 30 seconds a day in the company of a colossus from the world of science, and you will soon have his whole story - both his scientific attainments and his extraordinary life - in your head. Learn More
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    30-Second Maths

    $19.99 Inc GST

    The ideal introduction to the key theories and principles of mathematics. Most of us would confess to having a touch of dyscalculia (an inability to get to grips with numbers). So, how best to get our figures in trim? 30-Second Maths is here to bring you up to speed. It strips down the 50 most engaging math theories to a mere 200 words and one picture. Ranging through the history of numbers from Pythagoras to Game Theory and beyond. Learn More
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    How to Save the Whole Stinkin' Planet

    $19.99 Inc GST

    Let's go on a journey – it's going to be stinky, sticky and pretty gross, but if you want to be a waste warrior it's the most important journey you'll ever take. How to Save the Whole Stinkin' Planet will take you on a garbological adventure like no other. From diving into the rubbish bin and delving into landfill, to rummaging through the recycling and digging about in compost. Learn More
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    Acme Climate Action

    $12.99 Inc GST

    WELCOME TO ACME The Eighties - what a decade. Yuppies got mobile phones, there were important changes to the Swedish Act of Succession and we discovered who shot J.R. (it was his scheming sister-in-law and mistress, Kristin). Oh, and for the first time in history, our environmental footprint exceeded the earth's biocapacity. What this meant was humanity was drawing an environmental debt, consuming resources faster then Mother Earth could replace them. And this debt is growing. Let's be 100% clear about this, because this is really important - we are living beyond our means. With the US as the benchmark for global consumption, we would require 25 Earths to satisfy our wants. As it is, we already need one and a half planets for one planet's consumption. We consume more than we can sustainably afford and pollute faster than it can be cleared up. It's time for a new way of thinking. It's time for Acme Climate Action.

    This kit is to get you thinking - and doing something - about the climate crisis. It's designed to be taken apart, poked, cut, stuck, stretched and, well, destroyed. Yes, well destroyed. There are posters, postcards, stickers, letters and notebooks.

    When correctly used, you should have nothing left. With Acme Climate Action you can save the world and get hand exercises at the same time.

    Learn More
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    Scientist, Scientist, Who Do You See? : A Scientific Parody

    $16.99 Inc GST

    A scientific twist on a beloved children's classic that's sure to delight both parent and child! Scientist, Scientist, Who do you see? I see Marie Curie in her laboratory! Learn More
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    Clearing the Air

    $29.99 Inc GST

    Clearing the Air tells the full story of air pollution for the first time: what it is, which pollutants are harmful, where they come from and – most importantly – what we can do about them. Air pollution is a problem that can be solved, the stories uncovered on this journey show us how we can solve air pollution. Learn More