The Perfect Hollow - A Greater Glider Story

The Perfect Hollow - A Greater Glider Story

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Greater Gliders are uniquely Australian, gum-leaf-eating, fluffy, gliding marsupials that live in hollows in tall eucalypt trees. This fun, rhyming story follows one Greater Glider’s search for the perfect hollow, with some scary, hairy and amusing adventures along the way.


Written by Cate Storey 

Illustrated by Sarah Matsuda 

Published by Wet Season Books, this unique and beautifully illustrated Australian tale follows the great adventure of one Greater Glider's search for a home, a tree, a perfect hollow. Author Cate Storey writes children's books that connect children to Australia's unique landscapes, wildlife and ecology. Cate's writing is informed by her background in ecology, conservation and education. She has a teaching degree with a major in geography, a masters in environmental analysis, and a diploma in conservation and land management.


Binding: Hard cover

Dimensions: 25.5cm x 25.5cm x 1cm

Wet Season Books, Australia


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