Apiwraps Cheese Lovers

Apiwraps Cheese Lovers

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With three wraps; one medium and two small. The Cheese Lover Pack is perfect for gifting either as a host gift or a thoughtful gesture.

The Cheese Lover’s Pack contains: One medium wrap 20cm x 25cm – For small blocks of cheese. and two small wraps 15cm x 20cm – Small pieces of cheese and covering bowls of olives or pickles. In a gorgeous and very giftable paper envelope.

Apiwraps are a healthy, eco-friendly, sustainable brand that replaces plastic wrap. Made with organic cotton and unprocessed bees wax and no harmful chemicals, this product is highly appealing for eco-conscious customers.

Beeswax wraps are the perfect way to store cheese! In fact it’s the traditional way that cheeses have been stored for generations. Beeswax makes a waterproof barrier that stops your cheese from drying out, but it isn’t airtight. That means that your cheese can breathe. When you store your cheese in the fridge you want to keep it from drying out, but you don’t want it to sweat as it will spoil. Beeswax keeps it in exactly the right environment for storage. Be sure to wash your hands before handling cheese though, as we can’t save you from the dreaded mould spores – they come from your finger prints!

The Cheese Lover Pack is a great gift for a cheese eater in your life.

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