Apiwraps Sandwich Wrap

Apiwraps Sandwich Wrap

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Save the planet with eco sandwich wrap! This listing is adding one large sized Apiwraps beeswax wrap to your existing order of at least one pack from the main shop. No packaging – no waste! Make an impact by shopping waste free and being the change you want to see in the world.

Large Apiwraps are the most versatile size for lunches, salad bowls and larger vegetables. Big blocks of cheddar cheese will be kept from drying out or sweating while fresh herbs will stave off wilting for day after day.

The perfect size for a generous sandwich or roll. Place your wraps diagonally to give maximum overlap and keep everything wrapped up tight. Apiwraps seal onto themselves so there’s no need for strings or velcro to keep it together. Lunches have never been easier – nude food days are super simple. Our eco sandwich wrap is easy to wash and use again.

  •  dimensions 30cm x 35cm
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