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Inside Animals

Inside Animals

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This book features 21 cross-sections of creatures from across the globe. Each animal has its own unique body to help it survive and thrive in the wild, meaning theres all kinds of fascinating animal adaptations to discover. From an enormous whale to a tiny spider, this book takes a look at some of the most fascinating animals out there - from the inside!

Did you know that a frog can stop its heart from beating? Or that an elephants tooth is heavier than a brick? Or that the brain of an ostrich is smaller than its eyeball?In this book, there are 21 cross-sections that show how skeletons, organs, nerves and muscles fit together inside creatures from across the globe.Animals can have some body parts in common with us humans, such as the brain, heart and lungs - but each creature has its own unique body to help it survive and thrive in the wild. This means that there are all kinds of weird and wonderful organs and senses in the animal kingdom, such as the honey stomach in a honeybee or the ink sac of an octopus. Prepare to be dazzled as you discover incredible information to wow your family and friends with.

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