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    Glass Prism

    $9.95 Inc GST

    Turn a ray of light into a rainbow and back again using this simple glass prism. Learn More
  2. Product Image

    Rainbow Aura Quartz Geode Large

    $21.95 Inc GST

    The bright, beautiful aura quartz geodes are created by bonding different metal vapours to natural quartz. Includes gold, titanium, platinum and silver. Learn More
  3. Product Image

    Tesla's Lamp Plasma Ball

    $26.95 Inc GST

    7cm diameter ball. Conical plastic stand. Ages 8+ USB or Battery operated. Learn More
  4. Product Image

    Tobbie the Robot

    $79.95 Inc GST

    Tobbie is an intelligent six legged robot which provides great interaction with children. The little robot offers wonderful lights and sound effects. There are 2 programmed modes to follow or to avoid objects. Tobbie is a kit which requires building and may require the assistance of an adult. Recommended Age 8+ Learn More
  5. Product Image

    Kidz Motorised Robot Hand

    $39.95 Inc GST

    Teach kids the wonders of robotics and anatomy with this ultra-cool robotic hand! Kids can make the robotic hand tap out any tune and beat! Ages 8+ Learn More
  6. Product Image

    Hoberman Mini Sphere

    $24.95 Inc GST

    Out of stock

    This miniature version of the classic Hoberman toy comes in a rainbow of bright and cheerful colours. Learn More
  7. Product Image

    Galt Octons

    $37.95 Inc GST

    Out of stock

    The classic GALT Toy is back in its original translucent colours. The simple octagonal pieces interlock easily to make a wide variety of interesting models. The see through pieces in bright translucent colours add an extra dimension, transforming models into works of art! Follow the illustrated models in the guide or design your own! Contents: 48 translucent Octons in 6 assorted colours and step by step guide. Ages 4+ Learn More
  8. Product Image

    Quercetti Georello Tech

    $99.95 Inc GST

    Build elaborate three-dimensional structures, then attach the gears and get everything moving with an amazing chain reaction effect. This clever construction set is really unique because pieces can be connected even diagonally! Georello Tech includes an exceptional universal joint that transmits rotation to distant gears on different levels thus reproducing a fundamental mechanism found in many kinds of machinery. The universal joint system gives children great creative freedom as they can build separate structures with long rotating connections with exciting results. Also included are the new chain and the elastic belt that transmit rotation to distant gears. Georello Tech will not only help your child discover the first principles of mechanics, but most of all, it will also guarantee hours of great fun. Totally unbreakable and safe. Ages 5+ Learn More
  9. Product Image

    Quercetti Migoga Marble Run Maxi

    $134.95 Inc GST

    Out of stock

    Create your own marble runs with this exciting construction set. Reproduce the models pictured on the box or enjoy experimenting with your own designs. Interlocking chutes, straight or curved rails, bridges, columns, spinning-wheels, spirals and funnels can be combined in infinite variations for long-lasting fun. This toy stimulates creativity and reasoning both of which are required to build impressive-looking structures with the correct angles of inclination. Contains 224 pieces Ages 6+ Learn More
  10. Product Image

    Quercetti Migoga Double Sprial Marble Run

    $79.95 Inc GST

    Create your own track for marbles and challenge yourself with this smart, highly successful construction game. Migoga Double Spiral contains two new large and impressive double spiral tracks, on which the marbles will tumble down whirling descents in exciting plunging races. All pieces, slides, bridges, columns, mills, are easily joined in an infinite number of combinations, allowing you to build fantastic tracks where you can race your marbles in exciting speed contests. Only high quality materials are used that are completely shatterproof, long lasting, and ensure great precision in the joints, and therefore the structures themselves are solid. Creativity and logic are essential to building beautiful and, especially, functional tracks. Ages 6+ Learn More
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