Australian Animals

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    Plush Flying Fox

    $22.95 Inc GST

    Out of stock

    • Australian Flying Fox
    • 30 cm (12 inches)
    • Hand-crafted Polyester
    • Ages 6 months+
    Learn More
  2. Product Image

    Fauna: Australia’s Most Curious Creatures

    $24.99 Inc GST

    In Fauna: Australia’s Most Curious Creatures, readers are constantly introduced to facts that delight, amaze and induce sheer wonder at the clever design and adaptability of our much-loved native fauna. Learn More
  3. Product Image

    Cassowary Bird Plush Toy

    $26.95 Inc GST

    Soft and cudly Cassowary Bird soft toy comes from the Cuddlekins Range of soft toys by Wild Republic. The name cassowary comes from two Papuan words Kasu meaning horned and weri meaning head which refers to the prominent casque on its head. Learn More
  4. Product Image

    Red-Back Spider Plush Toy

    $24.95 Inc GST

    Why not add this cute furry little Red-back Spider plush Toy to your collection! The super soft toy is made from only the finest and highest quality materials. This adorable plush toy is a must have for any child’s bedroom. Approx: 12 inches / 30 cm Learn More
  5. Product Image

    Kookaburra Plush Toy

    $24.95 Inc GST

    Out of stock

    Plush Australian Wildlife toys made from premium grade plush fabrics. A perfect kookaburra plushie gift for both kids and adults. 23cm sitting height. Australian Made Learn More
  6. Product Image

    Kangaroo Plush Toy

    $24.95 Inc GST

    Out of stock

    Our kangaroo plush toy is made from premium grade plush fabrics. A cute kangaroo with baby plushie gift for both kids and adults. 28cm sitting height. Australian Made Learn More
  7. Product Image

    Snowy Owl Plush Toy

    $22.95 Inc GST

    One of the largest owls in North America, the snowy owl loves to swoop and soar. Also known as the Great White or Arctic Owl, this brave bird is covered in soft downy feathers as white as snow - even on its furry feet. We know you'll love him! Learn More
  8. Product Image

    Kangaroo with Joey PlushToy

    $17.95 Inc GST

    Cute and cuddly soft toy Kangaroo with joey! Learn More
  9. Product Image

    Make Your Own Insect House

    $24.95 Inc GST

    A great gift idea to get kids into the garden and exploring wildlife! Make your own insect house, with this easy-to-build hut. Perfect for ladybirds, solitary bees and many other insects. Learn More
  10. Product Image

    Koala - Wild Republic Hug Ems

    $14.95 Inc GST

    7 Inch Koala soft toy Learn More
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