Bllox Stacking Game

Bllox Stacking Game

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Hurry up! See if you can stack your blocks to build what's on the card you chose – but do it before the other players do! Want to add another layer of silly? Pick a card from the wacky challenge deck. Fast-paced family fun. For 2-4 players.

For ages 6 yrs-adult, from Mobi.


  • It's fun for one, or fun for many, whichever way you play it's a whole lot pf stacking fun.
  • Each player gets 5 blocks, flip over a card, and race to build what's on the card.
  • For a twist, grab a wacky card and try doing what it asks. You may find yourself building on a body part, or hopping whilst having to build.
  • Helps to dvelop eye hand coordination, dexterity, colour and pattern recognition and motor development.
  • Fun for ages 6+

BLLX is the simple, wacky and fast-paced stacking race that is sure to get your whole group laughing. Bllx builds and improves a child's dexterity, motor development, color recognition, pattern recognition and most importantly - it's HEAPS of fun! Bllx includes 20 FSC (this means environmentally friendly!) wood blocks in 5 colors and 42 stacking combination cards. Weve also included a 36 card wacky pack. This pack provides 36 wacky and creative ways to playsuch as stacking on a body part, stacking while hopping on one foot and stacking with your eyes closed! You can play Bllx as an individual player or team. Both ways are sure to get you laughing!

Whats in the box

  • 20 Blocks
  • 42 Stacking Combination Cards
  • 36 Card Wacky Pack

Learning Outcomes

  • Creative & Critical Thinking
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Sensory Awareness
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