Our Environment

Our Environment

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A broad look at water, air, soil, energy, and climate that pulls together and distils a wide range of information Packed with fascinating facts and figures Has a positive tone of protecting the planet against climate change

 A back-to-basics overview of our environment. The environment is an essential but sometimes tough and weighty concept to grasp. This engaging nonfiction book takes readers back to the basics, offering an accessible overview of what makes up our environment, how those parts work, and why they matter.

Divided into five sections - water, air, soil, energy, and climate - the book uses facts, figures, and simple language to give an overarching survey of our environment. Questions run throughout the text, creating a spirit of inquiry. Where does the water we use every day come from? What is the atmosphere? How does pollution affect soil? What is renewable energy? What influences climate? And how do we protect our planet for the future?

With an appealing design and simple drawings and diagrams to support comprehension, this book takes a positive spin on the environment, reinforcing the importance of taking care of each element. Informational text features include a table of contents, sidebars, diagrams, and glossary.

AGES: 9 to 12 

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AuthorJacques Pasquet & Yves Dumont
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