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    Rainbow Aura Quartz Geode Large

    $21.95 Inc GST

    The bright, beautiful aura quartz geodes are created by bonding different metal vapours to natural quartz. Includes gold, titanium, platinum and silver. Learn More
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    Freeze Dried Ice Cream – Vanilla Flavor

    $7.95 Inc GST

    Freeze Dried ice cream is anout of this world treat. Originally developed for space travel, our creamy-sweet freeze-dried astronaut food will give you a taste of outer space right here on Earth. Prepare for blast off with our freeze-dried ice cream! Learn More
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    Sensor Stick Electronic Circuit Toy

    $22.95 Inc GST

    Explore the science of electricity circuits while having fun with your friends! This sensing circuit is so sensitive it can detect even the very small amount of electricity that travels across your skin. A fun, completely safe way to learn about conductors of electricity! Learn More
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    Discover Planets Educational Tin Set

    $26.95 Inc GST

    Discover fascinating planets with this fun and informative introduction to the planets of our solar system! Learn how planets are formed, and learn about the two types of planets found in our solar system: terrestrial planets and gas giants...and the planets we might yet discover in other systems. Content: Reference book, Wallchart, Solar system mobile kit Learn More
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    ThinkFun Code: Rover Control Game

    $39.95 Inc GST

    Rover Control is the second in a series of games designed to build the mental skills needed to fully grasp the concept of coding. Learn More
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    Floating Train Magnetic Levitation Set

    $99.95 Inc GST

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    The magic of magnetic levitation is here! This Magnetic Levitation Floating Train Set uses the same technology as 'Maglev' trains, the fastest trains in the world. Maglev trains do not have wheels, rather they use magnets to propel forward without touching the ground, and because there's no friction, they're speedy and soundless. Learn More
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    Tesla's Lamp Plasma Ball

    $26.95 Inc GST

    Originally patented by Nicola Tesla in 1894 following his experiments with high voltage currents, the plasma ball is a colourful way of observing electrical discharges. Learn More
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    Tobbie the Robot

    $79.95 Inc GST

    Tobbie is an intelligent six legged robot which provides great interaction with children. The little robot offers wonderful lights and sound effects. There are 2 programmed modes to follow or to avoid objects. Tobbie is a kit which requires building and may require the assistance of an adult. Recommended Age 8+ Learn More
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    Quercitti Pixel Photo 4

    $59.95 Inc GST

    The popular Pixel Art series now includes Pixel Photo. The classic game with pegs is now a tool to create portraits and landscapes, small or large, which can then be displayed as real pictures. Ages 6+ Learn More
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    Kidz Motorised Robot Hand

    $39.95 Inc GST

    Teach kids the wonders of robotics and anatomy with this ultra-cool robotic hand! Kids can make the robotic hand tap out any tune and beat!

    Ages 8+

    Learn More