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    ThinkFun Code: Rover Control Game

    $39.95 Inc GST

    Rover Control is the second in a series of games designed to build the mental skills needed to fully grasp the concept of coding. Learn More
  2. Product Image

    Floating Train Magnetic Levitation Set

    $99.95 Inc GST

    Out of stock

    The magic of magnetic levitation is here! This Magnetic Levitation Floating Train Set uses the same technology as 'Maglev' trains, the fastest trains in the world. Maglev trains do not have wheels, rather they use magnets to propel forward without touching the ground, and because there's no friction, they're speedy and soundless. Learn More
  3. Product Image

    Tobbie 2 Micro Bit Robot Kit

    $149.95 Inc GST

    Out of stock

    Introducing the exciting future of coding and robotics!

    In the classroom or at home, mechanical robot kits can have a large impact on STEM education and learning for kids. The Tobbie II Robot combines micro:bit technology with your imagination to create a variety of activities that you can program! The BBC micro:bit is an inexpensive and customisable pocket-sized codeable computer that is super easy to use (included in this kit).

    All of the benefits and excellent features of the dynamic micro:bit have also been integrated into your Tobbie robot! Tobbie II is a programmable DIY robot with an adjustable head and 360 degree free-rotation body that can move independently of it's legs! He can detect temperature, navigate direction, play games and follow commands, bringing more fun than ever to your future programmer! Simply clip your programmed micro: bit into Tobbie's head to easily to update and test your coding when required!

    Learn More
  4. Product Image

    Logiblocs Smart Circuits

    $33.95 Inc GST

    Logiblocs is the electronic discovery system that helps you understand the world of technology around you as you create your own inventions. From traffic lights to super computers, everything in today's high-tech world runs by the same principles that Logiblocs demonstrate. Inside each Logibloc is a printed circuit board and every block is colour-coded for the function it performs. By plugging together Logiblocs in different combinations you can create circuits and virtually write your own simple program to build each new invention. Learn More
  5. Product Image

    Gravitrax Interactive Track System

    $59.95 Inc GST

    Gravitrax is the STEM track system from Ravensburger! Use your imagination to build superb tracks and set the Gravity Spheres rolling!

    This STEM system [Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths] is an ideal one to teach kids about gravity, magnetism, kinetic energy and fun.

    Hit a snag. Freestyle with your own track design or use the tasks and blueprints included to help you to get started in the world of Gravitrax! Are the Gravity Spheres stopping or flying off before reaching the end target. Time for some problem solving. Rebuild and try something different!

    The Gravitrax track system can be extended indefinitely with extra track packs and add-on’s – each sold separately.

    Create the element of surprise! Use the Tunnels to hide the marbles as they travel through your track. Combine the Tunnels with your GraviTrax Starter-Set for added mystery to your track. Will you be able to your eye on the marble as it rolls through the tunnels.

    Learn More
  6. Product Image

    Tesla's Lamp Plasma Ball

    $26.95 Inc GST

    Originally patented by Nicola Tesla in 1894 following his experiments with high voltage currents, the plasma ball is a colourful way of observing electrical discharges. Learn More
  7. Product Image

    Tobbie the Robot

    $79.95 Inc GST

    Tobbie is an intelligent six legged robot which provides great interaction with children. The little robot offers wonderful lights and sound effects. There are 2 programmed modes to follow or to avoid objects. Tobbie is a kit which requires building and may require the assistance of an adult. Recommended Age 8+ Learn More
  8. Product Image

    Super Sized Rainbow Spring

    $25.95 Inc GST

    Out of stock

    The humble slinky has been a popular and fascinating toy since it first arrived on the scene in 1943. Now you can have a little piece of history with your super sized rainbowc version of the classic design. All you need to play with this toy is some stairs and a little gravity. Learn More
  9. Product Image

    Coral Reef Science Kit

    $19.95 Inc GST

    Kids science kit with 4 experiments. Included in the kit: - Instruction Manual & Reef Information - Gloves - 2x Crystal Growing Kits - Wooden Stirrer - 2x Straws - 2x 50ml Graduated Test Tube - Pipette dropper - 2x 100ml Plastic Cups Learn More
  10. Product Image

    Discover Dinosaurs Educational Set

    $24.99 Inc GST

    This discovery kit includes a poster, reference book, and fossil excavation kit inside of a tin box. Learn More
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