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    Quercitti Pixel Photo 4

    $59.95 Inc GST

    The popular Pixel Art series now includes Pixel Photo. The classic game with pegs is now a tool to create portraits and landscapes, small or large, which can then be displayed as real pictures. Ages 6+ Learn More
  2. Product Image

    Super Sized Rainbow Spring

    $25.95 Inc GST

    Out of stock

    The humble slinky has been a popular and fascinating toy since it first arrived on the scene in 1943. Now you can have a little piece of history with your super sized rainbowc version of the classic design. All you need to play with this toy is some stairs and a little gravity. Learn More
  3. Product Image

    Coral Reef Science Kit

    $19.95 Inc GST

    Kids science kit with 4 experiments. Included in the kit: - Instruction Manual & Reef Information - Gloves - 2x Crystal Growing Kits - Wooden Stirrer - 2x Straws - 2x 50ml Graduated Test Tube - Pipette dropper - 2x 100ml Plastic Cups Learn More
  4. Product Image

    Discover Dinosaurs Educational Set

    $24.99 Inc GST

    This discovery kit includes a poster, reference book, and fossil excavation kit inside of a tin box. Learn More
  5. Product Image

    Quercetti Migoga Marble Run Basic

    $39.95 Inc GST

    Assemble your own marble runs with this excitingly challenging construction set. Reproduce the layouts pictured on the box or have fun experimenting with new designs. Interlocking chutes, bridges, pillars, and spinning wheels can all be combined in countless configurations that guarantee hours of great fun. Marble Run promotes creativity and logical reasoning both of which are required to place and fix the components precisely and get the marbles rolling. All pieces are made of high-quality materials. They are unbreakable and durable and allow you to build solid and precise structures that will amaze everyone. Learn More
  6. Product Image

    Quercetti Skyrail Wall

    $32.95 Inc GST

    Skyrail Wall transforms your walls into a spectacular roller coaster where you can set exciting marble runs, changing the track so that it’s different every time. Thanks to the special UHU patafix adhesive putty included, all the parts of the course can be attached, detached and re-attached to walls or any vertical surface, without damaging them. With SkyraiI Wall it is easy to construct different tracks. Figuring out how to run the plastic ball along the course allows you to make interesting observations and carry out experiments to understand the basic principles of physics (velocity, gravity, friction). All this makes it a toy with exceptional and unique educational value, guaranteeing many hours of practical, educational and safe fun. Learn More
  7. Product Image

    Quercetti Saxoflute

    $19.95 Inc GST

    With Saxoflute your kids will love assembling their own music instruments and then actually make music with them. By connecting the colourful tubes kids can create any kind of horn instrument they can imagine, or they can copy real instruments: trumpets, flutes, saxophones... and really play them to compose their own fun and happy music. All pieces are non-toxic and unbreakable to guarantee hours of creative and safe play. Ages 3+ Learn More
  8. Product Image

    Quercetti Kaleido Gears

    $59.95 Inc GST

    Kaleido Gears construction set provides hours of great fun while introducing children to some basic principles of mechanics. Try all possible combinations to make a base with the interlocking plates, and then insert axles and connect gears so that they rotate at the same time. Finally, turn the crank to start a spectacular chain reaction and watch the beautiful visual effects. Each gear is decorated with a different design that stimulates colour perception and creativity. Kaleido Gears is made of durable and washable plastic that is both safe and unbreakable. Learn More
  9. Product Image

    Quercetti Georello Basic

    $39.95 Inc GST

    Out of stock

    The creative Georello Basic construction set allows children to learn some simple principles of mechanics while having lots of fun. Start by building a base of your choice with the interlocking plates. Then, using the connectors provided, fit the gears together so that they will all move at the same time. Next, decorate plates and gears with the brightly coloured pegs, and finally get a spectacular chain reaction by turning the crank to set everything in motion. Georello Basic is made of soft, washable plastic with rounded edges and is durable and completely safe. Ages 4+ Learn More
  10. Product Image

    Scientist Academy

    $18.99 Inc GST

    Out of stock

    Kids can learn the essential skills to start their own scientific journey with this fun and engaging title. Packed full of great illustrations, fun facts, and absorbing activities, this book guides young readers through different strands of science: Laboratory, Investigative, Space, Earth, and Life. Practical projects, each carefully designed to introduce skills of the sort required by real-life scientists, help kids pick up the basics in a fun, hands-on way. Create a pendulum, investigate a crime scene, uncover some fossils, and study the solar system. The sky's the limit! Learn More
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