Light Up Fun Gyro Wheel

Light Up Fun Gyro Wheel

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Perform some super-cool tricks with the groovy Light Up Gyro Wheel. Spin it fast, fling it, watch it spin on a flat surface and catch it again! The wheel rolls back and forth with precision, held to the track magnetically. Kinetic and potential energy keep this fascinating science toy in motion, thus only small wrist movements are needed to keep it going and going. It even lights up, putting on a dazzling night-time show.

How it works

The axis of the gyro wheel has magnets, holding the wheel firmly on the track. Momentum, gravity, friction and centripetal forces are all at play in the gyro's performance. The wheel only lights-up when attached to the track because the metal track completes the circuit allowing electrical energy from the internal battery to flow.



Gravity, friction and centripetal force


Electrical circuits

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