Spikey's Day Out

Spikey's Day Out

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Spikey's Day Out is a Australian Echidna kids story book. 

This beautifully illustrated kids book is about the Spikey Echidna. They are a monotreme and live in Australia.  The Echidna and Platypus are the worlds only egg-laying mammals.  This book is educational and has outstanding art work of Australian Wildlife and Nature.  The pictures inside the story book are glossy, bright and colourful. 

Spikey's Day Out Australian Echidna children's picture story book.

This Australian Echidna kids book is an illustrated children's story.  It is about an Echidna living on the tablelands of Tropical Australia wanting to travel.   Other Australian native animals are featured in this beautiful book.  Previous characters in the book series make an appearance throughout the book.  Cassy the Cassowary in Cassy's Tale, the Green Tree Frog in Where is Croaky? Bobby the Tree Kanagroo and Paddles the Platypus. 


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