Spider Research

Spider research

Love them or loathe them, spiders are essential to our own existence. With your support, the Queensland Museum can continue our taxonomic work with spiders, discovering and documenting these important creatures before they are lost forever.


Repatriation Fund

We invite all Queenslanders to participate in the journey towards Reconciliation. We conduct a proactive and culturally appropriate repatriation program, working with communities to return Ancestors, Burial Goods, Secret and/or Sacred Objects to Country. Your contribution assists providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities with financial and administrative resources, so that they may coordinate community gatherings and ceremonial requirements necessary to complete the repatriation process.

Where its needed

Where it’s needed most

We are a museum of history, cultural heritage, science and human achievement that tells the ever-changing story of Queensland. We need your help to continue providing world-class exhibitions, in-depth education experiences, innovative public programs and scientific research.